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what materials use to do marble mills (diamond saw blade is sawing)

Summary: 材料表面塑性变形去掉被抛光后的凸部而得到平滑面的抛光方法,一般使用油石条羊毛砂纸等,以手工作为主,特殊零件如回转体表面,可使用转...

the surface plastic deformation of the material removes the polishing method of the smooth surface to obtain a smooth surface, generally use oil stone wool sandpaper, etc., the hand is mainly working, and the special parts such as the surface of the rotary body can be used. the outer ring of the conical groove bottom is the bonding disc of the base plate, the grinding disc, which is a grinding layer of the ceramic binding agent but the glass mill is typically made of a resin binding agent made of a polymer resin binding diamond.

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alibaba diamond marble grinding wheel diamond saw blade mason grinding grinding film large agglomerate stone grinding disc, grinding film cutting particle size diamond, outer diameter 100mm, inner diameter, 15mm thickness, diamond, maximum line. a stone grinding wheel, including a base and a grinding pan, the base disc, the base of the base of the cylindrical groove of the base plate is a bonding disc of the base plate, the grinding plate is ceramic binding agent diamond material.

using milling wheel milling mold, suitable for width and narrow flower lines to cut the diamond skewers, suitable for comparing different materials suitable for ceramic marble granite, etc., all materials can be used to set up the same procedure. the 360 ​​# grinding wheel is grinded in turn. after the grinding is done, it is applied to light wax, and the polishing can be polished, if the home canopy or crystalline material 1 marble hard agent marble hard powder and supporting maintenance liquid 2 steel silk cotton 0 wire cotton.

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marble board is a high-grade decoration material, many families or designers in design, or more or less general marbleboards to furniture decoration, and now, with the emergence of artificial marble, dali. marble grinding wheel manufacturer's phone and other marble grunge manufacturers may have false, welcome to the official complaint - more marble grunge manufacturers in china suppliers.

covered the grindal stone wheel picture of different manufacturers, different models of grindal stone wheel pictures, so that users can choose the appropriate grinding gear wheels through the product details, can view detailed product information. the brazing diamond grinding wheel is vacuum brazing technology, and the diamond particles are welded to the matrix together with the base body, and the combination is firm, not removed, and has sharp wear resistance and persistent use.

marble processing special grinding wheel, tian su ying building materials industry information 1986, no. 03: online reading article download. stone preparation selection of diamond molding, stone preparation selection of diamond wheel and analysis stone industry, stone preparation select diamond molding wheel.