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granite line strip has a great difference? (how to grind granite)

Summary: 石材线条加工有以下几种方法圆锯片将石材锯切成条形后,用铣磨轮铣磨成型 如设计得好,两种花线都可在一个工程上使用,利于节约成本 3...

the stone line processing has the following methods of the circular saw blade to cut the stone saws into a strip shape, and the milling mill is made of molding. if the two flower lines can be used in one project, which is conducive to cost 3 with mold milling . the equipment, grinding wheel, polishing wheel, different grinding wheels, and the pull-out line shape are different. the same grinding wheel matches the same polishing wheel, and the grinding wheel is formed on the plate surface, and the surface is quite rough. there is no need for processing lines, and the maximum thickness of the intermediate point can be taken. the length of the longest point is taken, and the processing process granite processing mainly has four types of production line standard board production line sheet.

i don't know if my answer can solve the problem that you grind on the stone wall lines. in fact, these stone manufacturers have a special person, and there are professional tools to solve the seam problem. in general, the marble lines are processed after the traiter line machine, and the artificial polishing is possible, and the granite knotted grinding can not grind the marble floor this product is the stone surface of the granite and the hard surface. 407 # 线 轮 ¥ 140 brazing gas rice grinding wheel stone line grinding wheel duck mouth ¥ 28 stone line cutting the latest stone line polishing machine suitable for different materials such as ceramics, marble, granite, productivity.

how to grind granite tiba rabbit decoration and answer platform provides a variety of stone lines to netizens to answer the decoration experience and wisdom of the massive owners, and quickly solve the confusion of stone lines for the owners. tiba rabbit installation and answer platform provides users with a variety of stone lines to answer tiba rabbit decoration and answers, with 24 million business decoration experience and wisdom, quickly solving the confusion of stone lines for the owners. the microstructure of the surface is determined by the quality of the polishing process, and when choosing granite stone, the quality of stone grindingit is important if you don't master some tips, and the relationship between the quality of the grinding is one.

why did bai mahgocks do not have light stone category granite granite, commonly known as china's white numbness, sesame white, national standard code g3765 granite quality to excellent, high surface finish, corrosion resistance is resistant to. the line is flea, you can't touch it. if you are serious, you can only replace the new line. if you are a dealer, find the company's after-sales requirements to replace or compensate if you are a customer, find the merchant to replace of course, if.