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stone mechanical grinding wheel schematic (stone grinding semi-round machining)

Summary: 钎焊金刚石磨轮采用真空钎焊技术,将金刚石颗粒通过焊料与基体焊接在一起,结合牢固,不会掉砂,具有锋利耐磨,持久使用的特点。中国石材...

the brazing diamond grinding wheel is vacuum brazing technology, and the diamond particles are welded together by solder with the base body, and the combination is firm and not removed, and it has a sharp wear resistance and persistent use. china stone internet website source china stone territories stone machinery introduction stone abrasive grinding machine stone abrasive grinding machine, mainly planar grinding machines.

diamond grinding stone grinding machine electroplating wheel dali-type polishing wheel 5 cm 504 506 507 stone grinding wheel edge edging tool angle mill tile round side grinding wheel grinding film glass grinding stone grinding machine knife row blade knife rigid ,chinese suppliers. it is a widely used equipment in the industry. it is a relatively important type of equipment that is very important in the mechanical equipment of stone industry. the sort of stone industry abrasive equipment is complicated, according to its raw material source, can.

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