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brazing material grinding wheel (brazing wheel)

Summary: 钎焊金刚石磨轮采用真空钎焊技术,将金刚石颗粒通过焊料与基体焊接在一起,结合牢固,不会掉砂,具有锋利耐磨,持久使用的特点。苏宁易购...

the brazing diamond grinding wheel is vacuum brazing technology, and the diamond particles are welded to the matrix together with the base body, and the combination is firm, not removed, and has sharp wear resistance and persistent use. suning tesco provides brazing diamond grinding stone stone stone grinding film guda trim semi-circular french edge concave grinding machine tiles latest price, including quality merchant quotation parameters picture video question and answer evaluation how to pay attention to suning yi.

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